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Dental Hygiene/Exams

We have been practicing dentistry in the Marysville area for more than 30 years. Our commitment to you means we are here for all dental services, routine and not-so-routine. When you are in our office for a checkup, we provide preventive care and watch for signs of any serious oral health issues. We’ll talk with you about cosmetic options and address any concerns you have.

What is the Dental Hygienist’s Role at My Dental Visit?

At Morey Dental, we are a team. Every player on our team has an important role, and our hygienists are often the first person who sees your teeth. They deliver the crucial, routine care that sets you up for long-term dental health. At your checkup, the hygienist has a number of areas to check in your mouth, but the first step is to listen. Talk to us about concerns you have, any pain you are experiencing, or changes you may have noticed in your teeth since your last visit.  

Cleanings and Prevention

Regular exams and professional teeth cleanings are your best chance of having healthy teeth and gums for life. During your exam, you can expect the hygienist to perform:

  • Plaque and tartar removal.
  • X-rays, if needed, to check for decay that can’t be seen on the surface of the tooth and to see the health of the roots of your teeth.
  • A check of your gum line for possible issues with receding gums or gum disease.
  • Root planing, a way to clean between your gums and teeth down to the root, to remove bacteria or plaque that may have gathered below the surface of your gums.
  • Fluoride treatment, if needed, to make your enamel more resistant to decay. Fluoride can be delivered to your teeth in the form of a gel on a tray that is held to your teeth for a short time and then rinsed away.

What Are the Signs of Gum Disease or Dental Issues?

  • Bad breath
  • Receding, swollen or painful gums

Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening at My Dental Checkup? 

Depending on the health of your mouth, an oral cancer screening may be quick and unremarkable. Oral cancer is a serious issue and early detection is critical, so your dentist or dental hygienist will always look for signs of any presence of oral cancer at your regular checkups. This may be as simple as looking under your tongue and at the tissue on the sides and top of your mouth. If you have a sore, lesion or red area that hasn’t gone away on its own after several weeks, your dentist may want to examine the area further by taking a sample and testing it for abnormal cells.
You may be at greater risk of oral cancer if you:

  • Have smoked or used other forms of tobacco regularly
  • Are a heavy drinker
  • Have a history of sun exposure that may put you at risk for lip cancer

Dental hygiene and professional cleanings are the foundation of good dental health. Make sure you are up to date with your dental care by scheduling regular checkups with Morey Dental.

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