If you suffer from tooth grinding, or bruxism, you are not alone, and the experts at Morey Dental are here to help. Tooth grinding is a common habit of jaw clenching or grinding teeth together during the night while you sleep. Nightguards, or bruxism splints, protect your teeth from that impact by providing a cushioned barrier between your top and bottom teeth. 

Bruxism Explained

Bruxism can develop in adults and children, occuring during the day or at night. More than 50% of adults and up to 15% of children will experience bruxism at some point in their lives. While the condition does not have a specific cause, it is believed to occur more prevalently in people with high anxiety or otherwise emotionally stressed personalities. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth misalignment, also referred to as bruxism malocclusion.

Signs of bruxism may include tooth wear, fractures in the teeth or tooth fillings, facial muscle pain or tenderness, headaches, and tooth sensitivity. You may also notice that your jaw is locking, cracking, or clicking when you yawn, eat, or speak. 

Treat Bruxism With a Nightguard

Our team of professionals is trained in identifying the signs of bruxism. We can also suggest coping techniques that can ease the stress that has led to teeth grinding or jaw clenching. 

While coping techniques may be extremely helpful, they can take a while to get used to. The best way to stop the progress of any damage to your jaw and teeth is by adding a mouthguard to your nightly routine. These guards add a cushioned barrier between your teeth, reducing the tension caused by jaw clenching. 

If you’ve experienced jaw discomfort or headaches in the morning and suspect it may be due to teeth grinding or jaw clenching, schedule an appointment with Morey Dental. Our team will perform an examination of your mouth, and fit you for a mouthguard that works best for your needs. Let us help you ease the tension in your jaw and wake up headache-free!

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