Dr. Don Miller

Dr. Don Miller has been practicing dentistry in Marysville since 1989. In dentistry, he has always appreciated the opportunity to apply a science-based education to a field that directly serves and helps people. Helping people is Dr. Miller’s favorite part of his job. Dr. Miller takes pride in the relationships he builds with the patients at Morey Dental while he provides a high level of professional care to the Marysville community.

Dr. Miller earned two bachelor’s degrees in biology and dental hygiene from West Liberty State University in 1982. Dr. Miller graduated from the Ohio State University in 1986 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Following graduation, he completed a one-year advanced dental residency at the United States Air Force Medical Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He is also an ADA, ODA & CODS member, and attends numerous dental seminars nationally to keep informed of the latest advancements in dental science while improving and expanding his dental services.

When he’s off the clock, Dr. Miller enjoys golfing, spending time with his family, grilling out on the patio, hunting, skiing, jogging and is an avid OSU football fan. He’s involved with the charity organization, Free to Smile, which provides dental surgical services to indigent children throughout the world. This volunteer work has taken Dr. Miller to Cambodia and Guatemala. He’s also a part of Hope 4 Every Child, a faith-based group that provides guidance and financial support to adopting and fostering families. He adopted his daughter, Irina, in 2000 from a Russian orphanage when she was sixteen months old and seeks to help other families through his charity work.