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Occlusal Disease Treatment

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What is Occlusal Disease?

The word “disease” may make you think occlusal disease is caused by a germ or a malady that is contagious, but occlusal disease actually refers to problems caused by misaligned teeth. When your upper and lower teeth don’t line up correctly, some teeth will come in contact with their corresponding teeth above or below, while others don’t meet up at all. This puts some teeth under greater strain than others, and over time this can lead to a lot of problems in your mouth. 

Your “bite” is off when your teeth are misaligned, and this can lead to chipped or broken teeth, sensitivity to hot or cold, nerve damage and jaw pain, among other issues. Malocclusion is the name for upper and lower teeth that don’t line up correctly and it’s a situation that can and should be addressed by your dentist. 

What Are Treatment Options for Occlusal Disease?

While it’s important to treat occlusal disease, take comfort in knowing the disease is quite common and treatment through orthodontics and other measures can be highly successful. Your dentist will know how to personalize your treatment plan by looking at the alignment of your teeth and X-rays. 

Sometimes the solution can be relatively minor, with a simple adjustment to one or more teeth. Restoring or building up one or more teeth can bring a misaligned bite back into balance in some cases. A night guard, custom-fitted and worn while you sleep, can offer some relief from teeth grinding or pressure on your jaw, too. 

In many cases, malocclusion is best resolved through orthodontics. Orthodontic devices can change the position of your jaw and bring your teeth into good alignment. The process can take about two years, depending on your age when treatment begins. Children whose permanent teeth are in and are ready for orthodontics will see faster results than adults, but patients of all ages can see improvement.

If your bite is off and you think occlusal disease may be the cause of pain or issues with your teeth or gums, schedule an appointment for an evaluation and recommendations.

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