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What Do I Need to Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Know that you are placing your trust in a dental practice that has been helping the Marysville community for more than 30 years when you choose Morey Dental for wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth removal is the first oral surgery experience for many people, but we want the experience to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

For most people, wisdom teeth appear at about age 18. Often, the teeth are impacted. And even if they are not impacted, rarely does a mouth have room for these new teeth. Extraction is the best solution. We’ll show you X-rays of the placement of your wisdom teeth while providing step-by-step details on how removal and recovery will happen.

A Quick Note On Pericoronitis: Sometimes, the gum area around an impacted lower wisdom tooth becomes irritated or inflamed because food or germs get caught under the flap of gum tissue that forms on the biting surface of a tooth. We can treat the issue with antibiotics, and the wisdom tooth is extracted as soon as the pericoronitis is controlled. 

Do Dentists Do Oral Cancer Screenings and Biopsies?

Dentists care about far more than just your teeth. We look for abnormalities in your mouth each time you visit, but if you have a sore or lesion that doesn’t heal after two weeks or if you are having issues with numbness or swelling of your tongue or jaw, let us know right away. We have multiple ways to test the area and take a biopsy for further review. We are here to help you plan the next steps when the results come back.

Oral surgery is serious, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Trust us to talk you through your questions about surgery. We will guide you to good dental health.

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