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Dental Implants

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At Morey Dental, enjoy the convenience of having your full dental implant procedure completed with minimal visits to our office.  

Dental implants involve a comprehensive procedure that includes the replacement of a tooth’s root and the creation of a customized replacement tooth. Rest assured that our team understands how daunting the process can be. Speak with our specialists regarding any anxieties or concerns you have, and we will plan your treatment accordingly, working to ensure your dental implant experience is as comfortable and painless as can be. 

How Do I Know If I Need a Dental Implant? 

A dental implant is a permanent, fixed replacement for a lost or damaged tooth. Because the root of the old tooth is replaced and the implant is secured to your jaw, an implant is less likely to come loose and is a more permanent solution to missing teeth than dentures. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or your full set of teeth. If you are otherwise healthy and able to withstand minor dental surgery, dental implant surgery can be a good choice to fill out your smile.

What’s Involved in Dental Implant Surgery?

Your dentist will help you decide if dental implants are an option for you by first assessing the bone structure of your jaw and the state of your gums to confirm that an implant post can be supported. The procedure will take at least two appointments over several months. Local anesthesia is used for most patients, and the entire procedure can usually be completed in our office. However, if you have extensive bone loss requiring bone grafts or if your case is complex enough to require general anesthesia, the procedure may have to be completed by a specialist at one of our trusted referral specialists. 

Once placed, the implants support individual crowns or bridges spanning multiple teeth. You’ll have a temporary implant for a few months to give the appearance of a tooth while the area around the implant heals, but once a permanent replacement is added to the implant, your smile will look natural and full.  

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