Dental crowns are beneficial when teeth have experienced damage to their structure but have a root that is still intact. Crowns are custom-made to replicate the look of a natural tooth, and their color is expertly-matched to blend perfectly with the other teeth in your mouth. The entire procedure is complete in just a few days, giving you the freedom to show off your newly-improved smile immediately following treatment. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

Crowns are custom-designed out of materials such as porcelain to be a copy of a tooth you have lost or a tooth that you’d like to cover because it has become discolored or damaged. A crown is firmly sealed to a portion of your remaining tooth and can be expected to stay in place for years. Often, a crown is needed after a portion of a tooth breaks off, or decay causes the need to remove part of a tooth. Your dentist will shape down the remainder of your tooth to create a base on which a new crown is attached. 

How Long Does a Dental Crown Take? 

The process of placing a crown will take at least two visits because we use a lab to develop a precise fit for your new crown. The first visit will involve measuring the area for the tooth and creating the base to hold the crown. An impression is made to send to our lab. We have a close relationship with the lab that prepares our crowns, so we are able to quickly get the new crown and seal it in at your second appointment. Before your new crown is cemented, we check the fit, the contacts, the bite, and the color to make sure it has the same characteristics as your natural teeth.

How Are Crowns Prepared?

At Morey Dental, we work closely with our dental lab partners because they are fast and, most importantly, able to maintain high-quality in their delivery of porcelain crowns and other dental materials. We are happy with the natural look that comes from our lab-prepared crowns, and we think you will be, too. We are able to prepare and deliver a crown in just two visits and continue to use a more traditional process, which has worked well for both our team and our patients.

Morey Dental has served the Marysville community for more than 30 years, earning the trust of our patients with dental services like crowns. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to discuss questions you may have about crowns, tooth restoration or other dental concerns.

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