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Dental Fillings

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Cavities happen and more options than ever are available to restore your tooth in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our team has decades of experience with treating cavities and can guide you through the decisions you need to make and keep the process as painless as possible.

Don’t wait! 

Often, your dentist can treat a cavity and restore the lost tooth material within days of discovering the issue. You’ll want to take care of it as soon as possible because the decay in your tooth will only get worse with time. At Morey Dental, we’ve got decades of experience with dental fillings and can guide you through the decisions you need to make and keep the process as painless as possible.

How long does it take to get a tooth filled?

The time involved in restoring your tooth depends on how much of your tooth has decayed and the type of material you’d like to use to replace the area lost to decay. If you have enough tooth structure and you’d like to have an amalgam (silver-colored) filling, the procedure can be completed in one visit. We will numb the area with a local anesthetic and aim to have you on your way within hours. 

If your tooth doesn’t have enough structure to support a filling, a crown, inlay or onlay will need to be created in a lab and attached to your tooth. If you choose gold or porcelain for your filling, the process will take more than one appointment because of the time needed to make an impression of the area to be filled. 

What is the process for filling a tooth?

Before a filling can be added or a full restoration can be made, your dentist must drill or otherwise clear away the decayed portion of your tooth. A local anesthetic will be used and we work to keep you as comfortable as possible during the entire process. If you choose a gold or porcelain filling, we will have to make an impression of the area to be filled and you’ll make a return visit to have the material sealed into place. If you choose an amalgam filling, which is composed of a mixture of metals and is the most common material used for fillings, the filling can be added on the same visit in which the decayed portion of your tooth is removed. You’ll feel a little discomfort after the procedure is complete, but within a few days, your tooth should feel normal again.

What are the color options for tooth filling?

Silver amalgam fillings, made from a silver-colored mixture of metals, are the most common filling choice, but gold and porcelain options are also available. Porcelain fillings are popular because the finished product matches the color of the tooth itself, so your teeth look as if they don’t have fillings at all. Cast gold is another option for dental fillings that is thought to be more durable.

Morey Dental has been serving the Marysville area for 30 years and is skilled at providing all types of dental services, including fillings. Talk to us about any questions you have about cost, filling options or scheduling an appointment.

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