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Our mission at Morey Dental is to provide excellent patient care while maintaining high-quality services. As dental providers to the Marysville community for more than 30 years, we are invested in our patients and want to be that trusted expert when you are in need, especially when it comes to an experience like tooth extraction. We often say, “We treat people, not just the tooth,” and we want to make any dental experience as comfortable as possible. 

Extracting an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Removing wisdom teeth is often the first experience many people have with oral surgery, and while it’s a somewhat extensive procedure, you are in good hands at Morey Dental. Wisdom tooth extraction is needed because our mouths don’t typically have enough room for wisdom teeth and the gums partially or fully cover them. This can make you vulnerable to infection if bacteria gets through the gums to the wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth sometimes press through and appear in the back of your mouth in line with molars. Very often, they are impacted above or behind molars. In both instances, they must be removed because they cannot get through to the gums on their own. The procedure is done in our office with a local anesthetic, and we will send you home with medication and directions on how to prevent infection and manage the pain.

Simple Extractions or Extractions for Dental Implants 

Sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted because of decay or because you’ve opted to replace your tooth or multiple teeth with dental implants. Children with one last baby tooth that hasn’t moved out may need to have the tooth extracted to make room for adult teeth and to keep their orthodontic treatment plan on track. Whatever the reason, a simple tooth extraction doesn’t need to be a reason for concern. We can complete the extraction in a single visit with a local anesthetic. 

General Anesthesia vs. Local Anesthesia for Tooth Extraction

The vast majority of tooth extractions can be completed successfully in our office using local anesthesia. We will talk through the steps with you in advance. In some cases, such as patients who are having an extensive number of extractions to make way for a full set of dental implants, general anesthesia could be an option. This would require a higher level of care, and we can talk with you about a referral to a hospital setting.

Healing and Preventing Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

Right after an extraction, the area where the tooth used to be has exposed nerves and bone, and it’s important to care for this area to avoid infection. Allow one to two weeks for the area to completely heal, and you can expect some swelling for the first two days. Generally, it’s important to keep food out of the area and rinse your mouth gently a few times a day. Avoid smoking and don’t use a straw for drinking. We will provide you with instructions when you leave and you should not hesitate to call if you have questions during the healing process.

Extractions can be unpleasant, but removing a tooth clears the way for better dental health. Trust Morey Dental to be your expert in the process.

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